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Masseur at Fontainebleau Hotel arrested for sexually assaulting guest

Francisco Araica, 26, was arrested this week for sexually assaulting a guest at the Fontainebleau Hotel where Araica works as a masseur.

Last Sunday, a female guest, who was a habitual visitor of the Lapis Spa at the hotel was sexually assaulted during a massage. The victim told police that the assault happened in the middle of the massage. Apparently the victim was in too much fear that Araica would become more violent, she confronted her assailant after the assault had stopped. Approximately 10 minutes later, Araica left the room. She immediately left the room as well and contacted police. Through his attorney, Araica surrendered and was charged with one count of sex battery.


This morning, the alleged molester paid his bond and was seen leaving the Miami-Dade County jail with a jacket over his face, not to be seen by cameras.

While the Fontainebleau Hotel was quick to issue a press release to assure its guests that safety is the primary focus of the Hotel, the known facts on this case so far point to the Hotel’s civil liability.

Cases of sexual assaults during massages are not that uncommon. Leesfield & Partners personal injury lawyers are currently representing the victim of a sexual assault perpetrated during a massage at a Miami spa owned by the massage chain Massage Envy.

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