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Leesfield & Partners, leads the nation in shipboard medical negligence cases

Once again, the team at Leesfield & Partners has achieved important success for passengers who become ill or otherwise require evacuation from cruise ships for medical needs.

In the matter of the Estate of Jeffrey Eisenman v. Carnival Cruise Lines, former Chief Judge James Lawrence King has denied the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss and further denied defendant’s  Motion for Summary Judgment against plaintiffs’ claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress.  Jeffrey Eisenman was seriously ill while ship was docked at port.   The family purchased evacuation insurance and pleaded with the Captain and medical crew to transport Mr. Eisenman to a location with adequate medical facilities.  The cruise line refused to evacuate and set sail for Puerto Rico, 21 hours away.   Mr. Eisenman died 14 hours later during the voyage.   His family was grief-stricken.  To make matters worse, the cruise line refused to have Mr. Eiseman’s body removed from the ship, forcing family members to stay onboard with their deceased father for the entire cruise.  The Eiseman case joins five other seven figure recent results obtained by the firm for failures to provide adequate medical care or otherwise make proper arrangements to obtain appropriate medical attention.   These failures resulted in passenger deaths, and life altering conditions, which were avoidable and unnecessary.

Additional cases include:

  • $4 million cruise ship medical negligence settlement for passenger who suffered massive stroke;
  • $3.337 million recovery for crew member as a result of cruise ship’s failure to provide adequate medical care;
  • $400,000 settlement for passenger who was denied evacuation after suffering an ischemic stroke;
  • $225,000 for negligent administration of medications by cruise ship medical crew;
  • $3,000,000 for family whose minor child was misdiagnosed by cruise ship doctor resulting in irreversible brain injuries;
  • Confidential settlement for an infant’s loss of limbs due the misdiagnosis of a life-threatening infection by the cruise ship’s medical crew.

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“At this very moment, our firm is working  for the Surfside building collapse families to find  answers for those who have lost their loved ones,” according to Managing Partner Ira Leesfield.   There will be at least 30 defendants who were involved in the construction, design, inspection, development, maintenance and repairs of the Champlain Towers.  Although litigation will last years into the future, Leesfield & Partners expects to be part of a Steering Committee to be appointed by the Court assuring appropriate and streamlined litigation and recovery.  The Surfside building collapse has triggered a tidal wave of inspections and questions from high rise residents in various localities, municipal, county and state, inquiring as to safety and integrity of their building, as well as conformity with  applicable building codes.  This blog will continue to report on the progress of the Champlain Tower collapse on a regular basis.

The first half of 2021 also brought land based recoveries to our clients for the defendants’ failure to maintain or properly secure public places, motor vehicles, premises negligence and vehicle safety violations.  Most recently, an 82-year-old visitor from England was negligently struck at a shopping center parking lot, resulting in a recovery of almost $1 million.

Other settlements include:

  • $750,000 for a Key West bar patron who tripped and fell because of an unmarked change in elevation;
  • $1 million to an apartment resident who was struck in the head by a malfunctioning  overhead garage gate;
  • $325,000 to Orlando resident injured in a motor vehicle accident;
  • $1 million for couple who lost control of their vehicle and collided with oncoming traffic due to the negligent installation of new tires.

This Blog will be updated regularly or as more information is learned from our efforts in the Surfside Building collapse.

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