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2017 – Leesfield & Partners’s “Cases from Other Places” and Our Own Backyard

2-panel-Texas-mailer_New_Proof-236x300Leesfield & Partners, through its leading verdicts and results, has established a 43-year reputation representing injured clients throughout Florida, nationally and internationally. Our goal remains to resolve cases and bring financial security to injured clients. Representative of 2017 are the following results: (This is a partial list with the full compilation found in our website at this link)

A 14-year-old boy from Miami-Dade County who sustained extensive injuries to his leg caused by the defective bicycle bar handle manufactured in China. This case is set for trial.

A 61-year-old Miami Beach resident awarded $450,000 as a result of his toe being crushed and amputated when a negligently installed marble counter at a residential building collapsed on his foot.

A $10 million settlement obtained by a 45-year-old longshoreman supervisor from Broward County, FL who lost both of his legs when a container top loader ran over him crushing him under the weight of the heavy machinery.

New York mother and daughter recover $5 million award for catastrophic injuries in auto/truck collision.

Wife of 35-year-old man diagnosed with acute pancreatitis receives $2 million award for her husband’s death as a result of negligent emergency room care at a Florida hospital.

$1,650,000 award obtained by 33-year-old Utah resident for catastrophic and life-changing injuries in a snorkeling accident.

$800,000 award for 28-year-old father of two small children from Winter Park, FL who sustained permanent catastrophic injuries when a tractor-trailer crashed into the rear of his vehicle.

A $200,000 award was obtained by a New York couple vacationing Cocoa Beach, Florida for serious permanent injuries sustained when a distracted driver slammed into the back of their rental van.

$118,000 award for a 36-year-old father from Broward County, FL who fell at a carnival ride while riding with his daughter, sustaining a serious back injury.

A 43-year-old New Jersey resident obtains $150,000 recovery for hotel slip and fall sustaining a wrist fracture which required surgery.

$300,000 award for a 7-year-old California boy whose feet were crushed in escalator at a theme park in Orlando, FL.

$300,000 negligent security award for a Miami-Dade County 19-year-old man who was beaten by a drunken patron at a Miami-Dade County nightclub.

Forty-three years of litigation experience in both Federal and State Courts throughout Florida has resulted in the continuation of referrals from near and far. Thank you! Our Firm is proud of the international clients and lawyers who engage our firm from around the world. The continued upswing of new matters in Canada, Western Europe and all of South America on matters to be litigated in the United States has been built on years of client relationships, as well as legal writing and speaking engagements throughout the United States and abroad. We want to thank our longtime and new Florida resources of business who place their confidence in our firm daily. Many of our continued co-counsel have been sending matters to the Firm for over 40 years. Fortunately, newer and more recent lawyers have heard of our Firm (sometimes from their family and senior partners from another generation.)

Handling “Cases from other Places” requires a particular skill held by our highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They work with other law firms in coordinating insurance benefits, medical payments and other important logistical assistance to clients as they return from Florida to their home base. importantly, worldwide co-counsel have shown confidence in us and continue to select our firm since 1976. It is particularly gratifying to hear from so many of you often.

Please continue to call us on any matter of mutual interest and, again, please be reminded of our Firm’s strong commitment to supporting the less fortunate and “putting something back” into the community and nation through funding of charitable and scholarship programs.

Best regards,

Ira Leesfield and Leesfield & Partners

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