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Resort Torts – Spring Break

Florida beaches and warm weather resorts throughout the Caribbean are packed with Spring breakers. We just returned from our annual Key West seminar navigating mopeds, bicycles, Hoverboards, skateboards, parasailers, jet skiers and the whole gamut of fun resort stuff. This week in Miami is the Ultra Music Festival, and Florida beaches, from the Panhandle to the Atlantic and Gulf Coast down to the Florida Keys are just mobbed.

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Tragically, we have already received a number of calls from students and the families of spring breakers on vacation reporting hazardous and dangerous conditions on the roads, in the water and at resort properties.

Having just completed a series of cases involving bicycling, moped and pedestrian injuries, we implore you to share the following information with your loved ones:

1. Drinking and driving is still the number one culprit.

2. Distracted cell phone drivers, and now pedestrians are getting a lot of public attention for the dangers related to inattention.

3. Seatbelt use, in spite of heavy public awareness, is still an essential in the arsenal of safe driving.

4. Patience on the road is a must. The Overseas Highway in the Florida Keys, as well as other popular resorts are jammed with traffic.

5. Fun water sports can also be risky when there is drinking and reckless behavior.

6. Jet ski, boat and parasailing cases have already been reported in the first week of Spring break, along with bicycle and moped injuries.

7. Crimes and sexual assaults related to resorts and hotel are a consistent problem. Please alert your loved ones to be on the look out for dangerous situations.

8. This is a huge time of the year for holiday cruises, including family cruises. When you disembark your ship, please be sure you are in safe areas and that the excursion you have booked follows safety procedures.

Leesfield & Partners is a national and international leader in resort tort and travel and tourism injuries. Our campaigns “Share the Road” and “Don’t Text and Drive” have received high acclaim. Our push for water safety, including scuba, parasailing and snorkeling activities has now been highlighted by several recent cases brought to our firm’s attention.

Hotel and lodging security, which now include VRBO and AIRBNB, as well as all resorts and theme parks, should be front and center for your family safety and awareness.

Spring break is a fun ritual and activity. South Beach, the Florida Keys and related locations are overrun with fun activities. A word of caution to your loved ones certainly goes a long way.

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