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Insights from Leesfield & Partners: HB 837 and Its Implications on Personal Injury

On June 21, 2023, Attorney Michael Shepherd of Leesfield & Partners delivered a comprehensive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentation concerning HB 837, Florida’s recent tort reform legislation, to the esteemed members of the Coral Gables Bar Association. In his capacity as a newly elected board member of the association, this speaking engagement served as an exceptional opportunity for the attendees to acquaint themselves with Mr. Shepherd and his legal practice.michael-shepherd

During his discourse, Michael provided an insightful analysis of the implications of the new law on his personal injury practice, along with the strategies he employs to overcome potential challenges encountered by Florida personal injury plaintiffs. Notably, he addressed the novel frameworks introduced by section 768.0427 for the calculation of damages, shedding light on pertinent aspects such as changes to negligent security law and the concept of comparative fault.

Furthermore, he elucidated the additional prerequisites for pursuing a bad faith claim against insurance companies as stipulated by the legislation. Of considerable importance, Michael dedicated a significant portion of his presentation to the contentious issue of the potential retroactive application of HB 837, offering the audience two contrasting trial orders that exemplified opposing viewpoints. This engaging session was followed by inquiries from the attendees, including queries pertaining to the inclusion of instructions related to comparative fault in jury deliberations, as well as the prospective impact of HB 837 on litigation costs incurred by injured plaintiffs.

A CLE Tradition

The personal injury trial lawyers at Leesfield & Partners have given CLE presentations for decades.  Most Notably, under the leadership of Managing Partner Ira Leesfield with Justin Shapiro, the firm will hold its 39th Annual Conch Fritter Reception in Key West.  This upcoming October, we will follow tradition with a Legal Education Luncheon followed by an Evening Reception in our Key West offices.  This latest event will also mark the 47th year anniversary of the law firm and the 1,000th successful resolution of a personal injury case out of Key West, Florida.

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