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Open Letter to Florida Bar Members Young Lawyers Section


Dear Colleagues:

Justin Shapiro joined our firm in February 2010, as a law clerk, and in 2011, after graduation with magna cum laude honors from the University of Miami School of Law, he became an associate. Of course, no one knew where that would lead, but he was ambitious, attentive and immediately welcomed into an established culture of achievement for over 40 years at Leesfield & Partners. Then, as now, we emphasized the values of inclusion, communication, teamwork and a commitment to our clients and the Firm’s outstanding results.

A 40-year learning path is not insignificant, especially, when Justin and so many others here have adopted our value system directed towards professional growth and community involvement. So, Justin worked long, hard hours, he paid attention, he cared, he started a family (a wife and two beautiful children), he did not complain, he took care of our clients and treated our traditions with respect and concern. In short, he paid his dues.

From law clerk to partner, his success was measured not just economically, where he excelled to the very top. It was always apparent that this was going to be Justin’s home and future. We taught, encouraged and cooperated on business development, excellence in legal research, writing, advocacy and trial results. It all sunk in!

Just a few years after he became partner, Justin won an unprecedented jury verdict of $36.9 million while settling or otherwise completing mediations, verdicts, and arbitrations in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Business development and new case generation is not easy in our competitive world, but following the template of our firm, this month Justin brought in a personal injury matter that resolved for $6 million. This is extraordinary for a number of reasons, but, it all relates back to our firm’s approach of cultivating new sources of business and treating every past and present client as well as co-counsel with respect and professional courtesy.

Justin Shapiro is a success story because of his unique skills, ability and his caring. Every young lawyer has the opportunity to shine and succeed, and we hope this insight is just one example.

If there is anything Justin or our firm can do to provide direction, or just casual conversation, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

We are grateful to so many of you for supporting our over 40-year track record, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Ira H. Leesfield


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