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Fighting for Clients

When we are engaged to represent a client and take on their case we become their advocate and we fight for them because they cannot. We give a voice to the voiceless. We fight for the injured. We champion their cause and their case with every resource and every ounce of talent and energy we have. We do this because, not only is it the right thing to do, but also because each client and each relationship we have with our clients is personal. We truly believe that our clients remain clients for life long after the case is resolved and long after we have achieved a financial recovery for them.

Set0001 - DSC_6054.JPGJust recently we resolved the case of a motorcycle accident victim who lost a leg as a result of a county employee running a stop sign. The inattentive driver rolled his truck up to the stop sign clueless to crossing traffic and our client’s oncoming motorcycle and blew right through the intersection without thinking twice. Our client had no choice but to lay down his bike to avoid a head on crash with the side of the truck and certain death. Unfortunately, the back wheels rolled over his leg resulting in a traumatic amputation at the knee. We undertook representation knowing full well that any real recovery was highly unlikely given that the negligent party was a county employee protected by the state sovereign immunity cap of just $200,000. With past hospital bills alone of over $400,000 we rejected the county’s settlement offer of $200,000. After two years of litigation, multiple lawsuits and incredibly creative and aggressive representation, we secured a multi-million dollar settlement for our client.

Today we handed him his first of several settlement checks. A very humble man, our client started to thank us but we stopped him from any such praise. The true thanks goes out to him and his resolve and for believing in us and giving us the honor of fighting for him. When we met, he was just coming out of surgery where he lost his leg. We were up front and honest with him about the financial obstacles that his case faced with sovereign immunity. We saw him crying and hopeless and full of anxiety about the future. With that we went to work and devoted two years to fight for him and obtain justice for our client. Through the case, we saw him fight through depression and readjusting to life as an amputee. It was his resolve that pushed us every day and knowing that he was fighting to regain his life, we would fight for him no matter what it took.

Our clients become our causes. It becomes a personal mission to obtain the justice that a deserving client needs. In the last 15 years, our firm represented a number of clients’ whose cases, at first glance, seem impossible to obtain a recovery. Through hard work and creative lawyering, whether in Miami, in Key West or anywhere else throughout the state of Florida, we will do our absolute best to uncover a theory of liability with a path to a recovery. That is how not long ago our firm recovered a $10,500,000 settlement on a $50,000 insurance policy.

Most of our clients have suffered catastrophic injuries that have altered their life forever. While our main purpose and focus is to win the legal battles that will ensue, many clients will seek our advice and guidance as well. With our years of experience handling life-changing events in the lives of our clients, we also pride ourselves on having many of the answers our clients look for. Hence why more often than not, our staff and our clients remain in touch long after their case is resolved.

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