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48 Years of Growth through Quality – Leesfield & Partners, P.A. leads Florida Personal Injury Practice!

Leesfield & Partners

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Clients:

Good news as we enter our 48th year! We now added three trial lawyers and one appellate lawyer to assist in our quality service to you, your clients and contacts. Over the years, we have developed one of Florida’s most diverse personal injury practices in State and Federal Court, working with lawyers and strategic alliances in every state. Your loyalty is appreciated as we go forward with our commitment to bringing the highest and best results possible.

Over four decades, and in recent years, we have forged unique and groundbreaking theories of law in practice areas that have helped thousands of clients recover for the harmful acts of others. For instance:

  1. We have expanded our cruise ship and maritime practice to include leading and unique recoveries for shipboard medical negligence and failure to evacuate patients resulting in several multi-million dollar results.
  2. Still in the cruise ship area, we have innovated to find coverage for shore excursion where negligence has  occurred and agency is proven. We now have six leading results for shore excursion acts, omissions or sexual misconduct.
  3. Onboard ship recoveries have spiked due to poor maintenance and lack of ship agents policing perpetrators of sexual abuse. Our use of advanced CCTV and surveillance technology has enhanced clients’ recoveries.

Please click here to see our website for these leading results

Of course, our traditional practice areas in construction litigation, motor vehicle collisions, premises liability, negligent security, medical negligence, product safety and the whole range of a full grown mature statewide practice continues, as we reach more communities throughout the state with your cases from the entire United States and abroad.

This year, we added three new trial lawyers with combined trial experience over 30 years and advanced technology to move your cases more efficiently. We also added an experienced appellate lawyer and a former law clerk to a Federal Judge.

We are here to serve you and will respond to all inquiries, as we have in the past. Needless to say, we are not “new kids on the block,” but commit decades of experience and abundant resources to underwrite and advance your cases. Our access to expert witnesses remains superlative.

On a separate note, Leesfield & Partners, P.A. continues to contribute and support the Leesfield Family Foundation which has now increased its involvement in childhood cancer research and women and children’s issues, such as:

  • Live Like Bella
  • Yes Institute
  • Lotus House/Sundari Foundation, Inc.
  • Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida
  • Amigos for Kids
  • Overtown Youth Center

Consistently, The Underline in Miami-Dade; Baptist Health South Florida, the Clinton Foundation, the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League, remain as major projects.

We are proud to use our resources to help over 60 law school scholarship recipients from all over the United States through the American Association for Justice Scholarship Program and the Miami-Dade Chapter of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers Program. These are commitments that have lasted over 30 years. Again thank you for your support, confidence and your friendship.


Ira H. Leesfield,
Managing Partner
Past President, Florida Justice Association
Past President, Belli Society





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